About Us

SGRA is short for Sekiguchi Global Research Association (articulated as SEGRA). It is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) situated in Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan and has a mission to connect all inclusive. It is under the Atsumi International Foundation (AIF), which was framed on the command of the late Takeo Atsumi (previous President of Kajima Construction) as the Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation (AISF). SGRA’s main goal is to add to great worldwide citizenship under the guideline of concordance in assorted variety. The center of SGRA is framed from previous AISF/AIF grant beneficiaries of remote understudies in the last phase of Ph.D. work in a Japanese college. SGRA is likewise occupied with layman situated research in Japan thinks about, natural/vitality , worldwide citizenship, harmony/security, human asset improvement, IT/training, and verifiable issues. SGRA’s participation is in this manner open to all people of altruism independent of nationality, social status, or field of scholarly interest.

SGRA holds somewhere around four discussions for every year in Japan and routinely distributes the SGRA report (by and large in Japanese, despite the fact that there are extraordinary issues distributed in different dialects too). SGRA additionally has standard universal coordinated efforts with similarly invested establishments in the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, China, and Mongolia.